• Net-Works Project

    What is the Net-Works project?

    It is a three year-long Erasmus + funded project which aims to establish new national or regional networks of work-based adult education providers, notably in Portugal, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia and North Macedonia and to facilitate their involvement in European cooperation. 

Available courses

MOOC on Networks of work based adult education providers capacity building

Context of the Net-Works Project

Net-Works is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme aiming to help establish new national or regional networks of work-based adult education providers in order to increase their capacity to address the challenges of work integration of vulnerable adults. The project objectives include equipping networks with the knowledge and tools needed to strengthen their ability to effectively and efficiently provide adult education - especially for those furthest from the labour market - within the participating countries of the project. Net-Works project addresses three main challenges:

  1. Insufficient connection and networking between different actors involved in social inclusion and adult education within the workplace, thus there is a need to develop synergies and dialogue;
  2. Lack of awareness around the work-based educational model and need to stimulate and stabilise the sensitivity and knowledge of public decision makers;
  3. Need for a conducive environment for work based adult education providers: develop solutions and strategies, long-term cooperation, allocation of funds etc.

The challenges are addressed through various approaches, from desk research to more interactive methods in order to increase the capacity building of networks. In order to attain this objective, the project organised five mutual learning sessions with peer to peer training.